About Valley Preferred
Cycling Center

Established 1975

Valley Preferred Cycling Center Facility Exterior Image

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is the home of cycling in the Lehigh Valley. Our Velodrome is world famous and the roads in the Trexlertown area are known for offering some of the best riding in the country. We host the world’s premiere weekly professional and amateur racing series each summer, as well as national championships, weekly group rides, fondos, gravel races, cyclo-cross races, and much more. Simply put, the Valley Preferred Cycling Center is your go to destination for cycling.

T-Town, a nickname derived from our location in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, is our brand and how we are known world-wide.  T-Town is one of the most renowned and beloved tracks in the world and has been home to the best field of international cycling competitors each summer for the past four decades.

A facility owned by the Lehigh Valley, The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is leased to and managed by the Velodrome Fund, Inc.—a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The mission and vision of Valley Preferred Cycling Center is to provide the Lehigh Valley and its citizens with great racing as well as health and wellness-oriented programs and services for youth and adults  in a clean, safe setting.

Black Lives Matter

The Velodrome (T-Town) believes that sport and competition have the power to unify. We believe in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. We recognize that racism and inequity are inherent in the sport of cycling, and we also recognize the power of sport as a driver of change. We are committed to working hard to be part of the solution and fostering an environment that promotes racial equity. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do we have a handle on the full scope of the problem. Right now, we are taking immediate short-and long-term steps to do more in our community to address these issues and to keep listening.

As a start, we have begun an immediate search to diversify the makeup of our Board of Directors. We are re-focusing on community programming dedicated to not only bringing youth from black and minority communities to The Velodrome but providing them with mentors and role models that inspire their involvement in our sport. We also plan to refocus on and promote diversity within our youth cycling programs. We will use our voice and influence with USA Cycling to call for changes that lower barriers to entry and make our sport more accessible to all athletes.

That’s just the start. We are listening because we know we need to do better, and we want to learn how we can do it in meaningful and lasting ways. We’re committed to working with you, and together, making our sport a better place for people of color. This is just an acknowledgement of the need for change. We know the real work lies ahead of us in the days, months, and years to come. We welcome your input. #blacklivesmatter

Our Staff

  • Andrew Paradowski, Expert Executive Consultant
  • Kelli Bertoni, Operations Manager
  • Dave Underhill, Community Programs Manager
  • Maura Beuttel, Event Marketing Coordinator
  • Wendy Moyer-Drabick, Accountant

Our Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee

Rick Beuttel, Air ProductsChairman of the Board
Zack Grice, Outside Inc.Secretary
Ethan David

Lifetime Honorary Members

Jack Parmer
Ardath Rodale
Tom Stoneback

Board of Directors

Heidi Rodale, Rodale Family Foundation

Brian Leader, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Bob Martin, Lehigh County Representative
Bobby Lea, Backbone Media, LLC
Dr. Neal Stansbury, Lehigh Valley Physicians Group
Ed Slaughter, Merck
Andy Ralston, White and Williams LLP
Michelle Lee, Protocol Labs.

Cheryl Gloster Osborne, Department of Homeland Security.

We are currently seeking talented individuals from the public at large to add several new members to fill existing and upcoming vacancies to the Board this year. Click here for more info.