Valley Preferred Cycling Center VeloFest

VeloFest General Admission

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Fall VeloFest Raffles and Contests

Help us support our kid’s programming by participating in one or all of our Fall VeloFest contests

$1 Raffle for Schwag

$1 raffle tickets will be available for a chance to win up to $500 in T-Town Schwag. Buy 20 tickets for $10 to make your odds even better! We have clothing, glasses, beer mugs, 2019 Season Passes, water bottles, and a bottle of wine! Winning tickets will be pulled at 1:30pm on the apron!


Have Twitter or Instagram? Post what you buy with the hashtag #foundinttown for a chance to win T-Town schwag. There will only be one contest winner to be determined at 1:35pm!

$100 Build-A-Bike

One hour. One hundred dollars. Can you build a rideable bike from VeloFest finds?
Contestants will start with nothing and have to build a bike from parts they buy from vendors at the swap. The contest begins at 12:45pm and ends at 1:45pm. Each purchase has to be checked in with a VPCC judge* so we know that you’re within the $100 cap on spending! Bring your tools and some bargaining power!

Contest “rules”

  • Start with nothing
  • You have to buy individual parts (you can buy a non-working bike but it must need parts to be fixed, not just a tune-up!)
  • Each component needs to be checked-in to be verified that your total is under $100
  • The winner is the most complete bike or an actual ridable bike.
  • There is no entry fee other than paying vendors $100! The Prize is $100 + two 2019 Season Tickets ($100 value). Sign-up at the merchandise booth at VeloFest.

*Judges is a loose term, here, people. This is VeloFest, not World’s. 

FAQs about VeloFest


Q: Will there be a late entry discount for tickets?
A: There are no discounts for late entries.  We appreciate your contribution to the continued success of track cycling development.

Q: Will there be food available?
A: Yes, there will be a breakfast & lunch food truck in the infield along with a beer tent.  The concession stand in the plaza will be open for breakfast and lunch as well as several snack type food trucks

Q: What are the Velofest hours? 
A: 8:30am – 2pm

Q: Can I help a vendor set up?  
A: Patrons with public wristbands will not be allowed in to help vendors set up

Q: Is there a rain date? 
A: Velofest is rain or shine

Q: Are dogs allowed? 
A: Unfortunately, pets are not permitted

Q: Is there an ATM close by? 
A: Yes, there will be an ATM on site.


Q: What time can I get in to set up? 
A: Commercial vendors can set up 6am-7:45,  private vendors can set up 6:30-7:45.  You must pick up your packet prior to 7:00am on 9/29 at Rider Registration/Athletic Center

Q: Do I need to be off the premises at a certain time?
You must be off the infield and Plaza by 3:00pm for other contracted Velodrome events

VeloFest began in 1976 as a small trade session between friends and has bloomed into the largest cycling marketplace in the nation. Held twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. The Valley Preferred Cycling Center has welcomed over 6,000 people biannually through the gates at VeloFest. Shoppers flock from all over the region and even camp out in the parking lots near the facility to be the first in line for the great deals.

There is shopping, food, and fun at VeloFest, the cycling community’s #1 spot to stock up on all things cycling! From deals on new and vintage bikes, jerseys, shoes, bike art, messenger bags, tubes, tires, parts, accessories and more – VeloFest has it all!

Commercial vendors, including corporate companies and store owners, purchase space to liquidate excess inventory while individual private vendors attend to simply sell off their old bikes, bike parts, gear, etc. VeloFest caters to the cyclist, but also offers items for everyone with an active lifestyle. With over 150 vendors in attendance, shoppers will find great deals on items such as apparel, shoes, jerseys, new and vintage bikes, bike parts, accessories, and more. Food, beer, and wine specials are available with ID.

Consumers can find a wide array of new and used cycling gear and bike parts, to name a few. Shoppers will find some of the best deals in the country on:

  • New and Vintage Bikes
  • Jerseys, Helmets, and Shoes
  • Collectibles
  • Tubes, Tires, and Wheels
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Endurance Sports Gear and Much More!

VeloFest is a rain or shine event. All sales are final. No refunds will be given in the event of weather, or any other circumstance.

The Spring 2018 VeloFest is Saturday, May 5 and the Fall 2018 VeloFest is on Sept. 29.

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