VPCC Membership & Package Program

VPCC Membership & Package Program

For 2023, the VPCC is adopting a new schedule of fees for access to VPCC reserved training sessions and structured training classes. As the track schedule permits, the VPCC will typically have an hour or more of Open to the Public time each day that doesn’t require any form of membership. This time is meant to give an opportunity for the local community to check out the track on their own bicycles. Track bikes will not be permitted during Weekday Open Public sessions.

During weekends when large blocks of time are allocated to Open Public by default, the track is effectively closed, but the track surface is accessible. On weekends only, riders on track bikes will be allowed to use the track, but they must be aware of any users on non-track bikes and share the track time equitability.  

Rider Membership

This basic membership is $40, which gives members access to Open Member non-coached sessions and the option to sign-up for Open Training, Open Coach/Moto, and Structured Training sessions at an additional cost. See Schedule of Fees below. 

Monthly & Season Packages

Rider Membership is required in order to purchase Monthly & Season Packages. These packages give access to Open Training (VPCC Coach present), Open Coach/Moto (Independently coached sessions), and Structured Training Sessions at a significantly reduced cost. These packages are designed to be a cost effective alternative for the people who use our track frequently.  Our Monthly Open & Structured Training package costs $99, while the 2023 Season Open & Structured Training package is only $399!

Team T-Town

Do you want to show your support for the VPCC, while wearing its colors? Do you want to learn more about track racing?  Do you want to mentor new riders? Do you want to have fun?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, please click the following link: Team T-Town

Training Session Breakdown

Open Member: Dedicated time for rider members to independently train on the velodrome surface, be it individual or small groups. (Formerly known as “Drop in Training”). The cost of this training is included in the Rider Membership fee.

Open Training: These unstructured training sessions are open to rider members for an additional fee. (Formerly known as “Amateur/Elite training”)

Open Madison: Facilitated by a VPCC coach, these semi-structured training sessions are open to rider members for an additional fee. The VPCC coaches are there to provide guidance on madison racing as desired. Lighted sessions require a minimum of 3 riders.

Open Coach/Moto: These unstructured training sessions are open to rider members for an additional fee. Motorpacing is allowed during these sessions under the guidance of an independent motorpacing-qualified coach. Riders are responsible for the coordination and hiring of their motorpacer. Lighted sessions require a minimum of 3 riders.

Check out Structured Training for more information.

2023 Schedule of Fees

VPCC Membership$40
Bike Rental (STL1 attendees or Junior racing/training)$10

Please don’t forget to purchase you VPCC Rider Membership prior to signing up for any Structured or Open Training Courses. The training sessions below require VPCC Membership in order to participate.

Team T-Town$59
Open Member$0 
Open Training & Open Madison$10 (per session)
Open Coach/Moto (Moto fee not included)$15 (per session) 
Structured Training – Level 1$15 (per session)
Structured Training – Level 2$25 (per session)
Structured Training – Level 3$35 (per session)
Monthly Open & Structured Training$99 (per month)
2023 Season Open & Structured Training$399 (per season)
Womens Cycling – Levels 1,2$15, $25 (per session)

The Community Programs below don’t require VPCC Rider Membership

Open Public$20
Try the Track$50 ($25 for ages 9-16)
Ride the Track$50 ($25 for ages 9-16)
Race the Track$50 ($25 for ages 9-16)
Squirts & Weeble Wobbles$10 (per class)
PeeWee Pedalers$10 (per class)
Youth Cycling – Saturdays$50
Youth Cycling – Sundays$50
Youth Cycling (Mon/Wed)$50 (Monthly)
Youth All Sessions (up to 40 sessions)$150 
BRL Intro$30
BRL Spring$80
BRL Summer$80
BRL Fall$80
BRL All Sessions (up to 37 sessions)$200
BRL & Youth All Sessions (up to 77 sessions)$300

Anyone interested in becoming a VPCC coach for this or any of our other great community programs, please check out the opportunities and requirements on our coaching page!

All VPCC run community programs, training sessions and racing will fully comply with all relevant current state, local and USAC guidelines- including mask mandates. Due to the dynamic and ever changing nature COVID and these regulations, specific mandatory protocols for each program/race will be communicated directly to the registered participants per program/event. Compliance with all protocols, signage and staff instructions is mandatory for all participants.