Structured Training

The VPCC is introducing a new program of structured training for juniors and adults ranging from general fitness classes for non-racers to advanced motorpacing classes for Pro-Am racers and something for everyone else in-between. We will have dedicated women’s classes as a part of our Women’s Cycling program.

Please don’t forget to purchase you VPCC Rider Membership prior to signing up for any Structured Training Courses

Level 1

These are our beginner classes emphasizing improving physical fitness and building track rider competency. Similar to the former Adult Fitness Class from past years, our Level 1 skills and drills sessions will focus on helping get riders more comfortable riding in groups and amongst different groups on the track. Examples of training exercises include pacelines, bell blob drills, bunch take-a-lap, island hoppers,and intervals. As the classes progress and your comfort level grows, more advanced exercises such as thread-the-needle, sit-stand-sit, and maybe even some low speed bumping will be included. The prerequisite for this class is our Try the Track class or equivalent experience. 

Level 2

This next step in our structured training program Intermediate is focused on further improving your track skills and fitness. You must be ready for energetic workouts as we will focus on interval training to better prepare attendees for race-fitness. Sessions will include exercises such as 30/30s, 20,40s, pyramids, and over/unders. We will also include leg drills and familiarization with different training zones. Throughout the year, we will offer mini “schools” with guest coaches with expertise in these events.  Examples may include:

  • School of Motorpacing (learn how to pace behind moto, follow moto instruction, improve moto skills – (could be an opportunity to try our new moto drivers under the direction of a senior moto coach) – we’ll need more motos  
  • School of sprint (Sessions teach flying 200, match sprinting, keirin and standing starts/TT)
  • School of Omnium (Sessions teach each omnium race and it’s techniques with drills appropriate to race)
  • School of Madison (Sessions teach exchange basics, team strategies, and utilize moto for higher pace madison practice with nailing exchanges)

The prerequisite for this class is our Race the Track class or equivalent experience.

Level 3

Our final offering in the Structured Training Program is for our most advanced racers that are looking for motorpacing exercises.  Although we will do our best to meet individual needs, this is designed to be a focused course where all participants will have opportunities to work on high speed endurance and/or sprint drills. Examples of drills include Wind Up, Blue/Red/Black Line half-, full-, 1 1/2- lap Accels, Attacks, Rush the Gap, Ride the Hip, Points Race Drills. The course fee covers the cost of the motorpacing. 

The prerequisite for this class is approval by the track director, community programs manager, or the motorpacing coach. The motorpacing coach reserves the right to dismiss any student who exhibits inattentive or intentionally dangerous rider techniques.

Note: The VPCC reserves the right to cancel any class due to weather or the lack of sufficient participants. If the class is part of a series of classes, the VPCC will attempt to reschedule. If a make up is not possible and an associated monthly or season was not purchased, the VPCC will refund a prorated portion of the course fee. The VPCC is unable to refund any third party fees that were associated with the registration process.

All VPCC run community programs, training sessions and racing will fully comply with all relevant current state, local and USAC guidelines. Due to the dynamic and ever changing nature COVID and these regulations, specific mandatory protocols for each program/race will be communicated directly to the registered participants per program/event. Compliance with all protocols, signage and staff instructions is mandatory for all participants.