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Air Products Corporate Challenge Training

08/02/2022 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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These are our beginner classes emphasizing improving physical fitness and building track rider competency. Similar to the former Adult Fitness Class from past years, our Level 1 skills and drills sessions will focus on helping get riders more comfortable riding in groups and amongst different groups on the track. Examples of training exercises include pacelines, bell blob drills, bunch take-a-lap, island hoppers,and intervals. As the classes progress and your comfort level grows, more advanced exercises such as thread-the-needle, sit-stand-sit, and maybe even some low speed bumping will be included. The prerequisite for this class is our Try the Track class or equivalent experience.


This next step in our structured training program Intermediate is focused on further improving your track skills and fitness. You must be ready for energetic workouts as we will focus on interval training to better prepare attendees for race-fitness. Sessions will include exercises such as 30/30s, 20,40s, pyramids, and over/unders. We will also include leg drills and familiarization with different training zones. Throughout the year, we will offer mini “schools” with guest coaches with expertise in these events.  Examples may include:

  • School of Motorpacing (learn how to pace behind moto, follow moto instruction, improve moto skills – (could be an opportunity to try our new moto drivers under the direction of a senior moto coach) – we’ll need more motos
  • School of sprint (Sessions teach flying 200, match sprinting, keirin and standing starts/TT)
  • School of Omnium (Sessions teach each omnium race and it’s techniques with drills appropriate to race)
  • School of Madison (Sessions teach exchange basics, team strategies, and utilize moto for higher pace Madison practice with nailing exchanges)

The prerequisite for this class is our Race the Track class or equivalent experience.

Our final offering in the Structured Training Program is for our most advanced racers that are looking for motorpacing exercises.  Although we will do our best to meet individual needs, this is designed to be a focused course where all participants will have opportunities to work on high speed endurance and/or sprint drills. Examples of drills include Wind Up, Blue/Red/Black Line half-, full-, 1 1/2- lap Accels, Attacks, Rush the Gap, Ride the Hip, Points Race Drills. The course fee covers the cost of the motorpacing.

The prerequisite for this class is approval by the track director, community programs manager, or the motorpacing coach. The motorpacing coach reserves the right to dismiss any student who exhibits inattentive or intentionally dangerous rider techniques.

Dedicated time for rider members to independently train on the velodrome surface, be it individual or small groups. (Formerly known as “Drop in Training”). The cost of this training is included in the Rider Membership fee.

Facilitated by a VPCC coach, these unstructured training sessions are open to rider members for an additional fee. The VPCC coaches are there to provide assistance and guidance as desired. (Formerly known as “Amateur/Elite training”)

Facilitated by a VPCC coach, these unstructured training sessions are open to rider members for an additional fee. Motorpacing is allowed during these sessions under the guidance of an independent motorpacing-qualified coach. Riders are responsible for the coordination and hiring of their motorpacer. (Formerly known as “Elite Motorpacing)

This time is meant to give an opportunity for the local community to check out the track on their own bicycles. Track bikes will not be permitted during Open Public sessions. During weekends when large blocks of time are allocated to Open Public by default, the track is effectively closed, but the track surface is accessible. During these times riders on track bikes will be allowed to use the track, but they must be aware of any users on non-track bikes and share the track time equitability.

Are you new to the track? You haven’t taken a spin around our concrete crater yet? Well this is your opportunity. All you need is a moderate sense of balance and your own helmet. That’s all it takes. It’s just like riding a bike. 😉

We start off with the basics and answer all of your questions about our velodrome and velodrome riding and racing. Soon you’ll be riding one of our track bikes at your own pace on a smooth and flat surface. As you build confidence, you can ride on our track surface where you will feel how easy and exhilarating it is to ride on the banking. No worries about slipping off like a slippery wooden track, our concrete is sticky and many riders have demonstrated that they can come to a full stop even on the steepest part of the track. Don’t worry, we won’t try that skill until a later session.

Try the Track includes a $40 VPCC Rider Membership, which provides access to some of our other programs. There is no minimum for the number of riders for this class to be held.

After giving our track a “Try”, it’s time to take it to the next level and learn to ride in groups and build up a bit of speed. From pacelines in the sprinters lane up to riding at the rail, we have an energetic plan of exercises which includes rider favorites such as island hoppers, thread the needle, and a couple sprints to get your heart really pumping. Ride the Track counts as the first 2 hours of USA Cycling Approved Clinic for upgrade from Novice to Category 4. A minimum of 6 riders is required for the class to be held.

Now that you are comfortable riding on the track and riding with others, it’s now time to learn how to race on the track. Unlike road events, track racing offers many different types of events and its own unique set of rules. During this session, participants will get firsthand experience doing standing starts, sprints, and mass start races. Race the Track counts as the second two hours of a USA Cycling Approved Clinic for upgrade from Novice to category 4. Upon completion of this course the VPCC Community Programs Manager will recommend the upgrade to USA Cycling. A minimum of 6 riders is required for the class to be held.

One of our most popular programs, Squirts & WeebleWobbles is the first step on the pathway to enjoying a lifetime of safe and fun cycling.

Designed for children ages 5 and up who are learning to ride their first bikes – this program takes kids from training wheels to pedaling on their own!

Led by licensed coaches, many of whom began their cycling careers in this very program, Squirts & Weeble Wobbles is the perfect starting point for kids to learn the fundamental skills involved in riding their bikes safely and with confidence. With a focus on keeping things fun, riders will learn balance, steering and basic bicycle safety.

Participants must provide their own bicycles and helmets.

PeeWee Pedalers picks up where Squirts & Weeble Wobbles leaves off and introduces young riders to more advanced skills and introduces them to the thrill of riding on the velodrome. PeeWee participants must be able to ride without training wheels.

Again, the focus is on having fun while learning skills and safety.  Riders will get to play and be challenged on obstacle courses that develop bike handling abilities.

Participants must provide their own bicycles and helmets.

Our summer Youth Cycling Programs are expanding in 2023. Rather than solely offering weekday classes in July and August, we are now offering additional weekend classes June through September to give kids ages 8-16 more opportunities to ride our track.

Riders will be split into groups of riders with similar abilities to support safer riding and give them opportunity to have fun with kids with similar skills. Classes will start with basic track etiquette and safety progress towards bike handling and racing skills. As we learned from last Fall’s Youth Grass Track sessions, every once in a while we can venture outside of the velodrome to have some unique fun while further improving their handling skills.

The Bicycle Racing League driven by Schearer’s Sales & Service, commonly referred to as “BRL,” provides riders ages 9-16 to the thrill and excitement of community-level bicycle racing through this one of a kind youth cycling league.

Riders are separated into categories based on their comfort, ability and performance then get to race against others in a round robin format. We encourage previous BRL participants, Air Products Developmental Cycling Programs participants and licensed USA Cycling juniors to all join in the fun!