Rotherham, Erickson earn Univest ROY honors

Rotherham, Erickson earn Univest ROY honors

TREXLERTOWN, Pa. – After a long, grueling racing season, two riders stand atop the Univest Rider of the Year standings.

Matthew Rotherham of Great Britian won the men’s competition while Missy Erickson of Mertztown, Pennsylvania earned the victory in the women’s competition.

Rotherham finished with 36 points while Erickson had 29 points.

Both competitions were competitive throughout the three-month racing season, but both riders mathematically clinched the victories before the final night of the 2016 World Series of Bicycling Season, the Madison Cup/Air Products Finals.

Stephen Hall of Australia finished second in the men’s standings with 25 points with Jordan Castle of New Zealand finishing third with 20 points. Thomas Rotherham, Matthew’s brother, finished fourth while Luke Mudgway of New Zealand finished in fifth.

On the women’s side, Colleen Gulick finished second with 22 points, just seven behind Erickson. Racquel Sheath and Alysha Keith, both from New Zealand, finished third and fourth, respectively. Allentown, Pennsylvania resident, Mandy Marquardt, a 2016 U.S. Olympic Long Team Member with Erickson. finished in fifth place.

A lot of riders competed in T-Town during the 2016 racing season, and the Univest Rider of the Year standings reflect it. All told, 64 different riders earned at least one Rider of the Year point during the season. 34 different male riders and 30 different female riders.

This is the first Univest Rider of the Year win for either Rotherham or Erickson. Jeremy Presbury of New Zealand won the men’s competition in 2015 while Colleen Hayduk, from Kutztown, Pennsylvania, won her second-straight Rider of the Year crown a year ago.

The Univest Rider of the Year competition is a a season-long battle where certain events during a World Series of Bicycling race are designated as ROY events. The top five finishers in each designated event, for the men and women, receive points for their finish. The winner receives five points and the fifth place rider receives one points, in descending order.

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