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Schedules and Registration information will be posted as it becomes available.
Thank you for your patience!

Training Pass for Athletes

Training Passes are available here. Training Passes may be used to reserve individual training time slots during the restricted training hours while we are in the “YELLOW” phase of COVID-19 re-opening. They are also required for any athlete who intends to motor-pace at the track this summer.


The Valley Preferred Cycling Center offers dedicated daytime and evening  time slots for motorpacing throughout the season to meet the needs of our intermediate, advanced, and professional riders.  Please refer to the track calendar to identify when these sessions are scheduled and for eligible categories. During these motor pacing sessions, riders not participating in the motor sessions are not allowed on the track.  Please observe all posted signs. 

Riders wishing to participate in motorpacing are required to have a valid Training or VeloPass and must sign both the VPCC Rider Waiver and Motor Pacing Waiver. These forms must be returned to the office prior to the first motor pacing session.

Riders are required to train with a track approved moto driver – contacts provided upon request. 

Private motorpacing track time for Teams or Programs is available for a fee by calling the office and reserving the track. 
Moto Drivers wishing to motor pace on the track should contact the office for additional information.
Please submit your request with the form below.


We will be compiling a coaching resource list. Check back here for regular updates!

Track Time

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is a public facility and open for training from dusk to dawn unless reserved for maintenance, programs, racing, events, and dedicated training sessions. Please check the calendar for available training times before coming to the track as it is updated frequently during the season.  A Training or VeloPass is required for all Lighted Training and MotorPacing sessions. Velo and Training Passes registration links will be posted here when available.

For Individuals or Programs wishing to reserve private track time, please complete the form below. Fees are dependent on length of time reserved. 

Please note the following rules:

  • Riders are not allowed on the Track during Motor Pacing sessions unless they are participating in the session. The Track is CLOSED to all other riders. 
  • Road bikes are permitted on the track ONLY when there are no riders on dedicated track bikes present. Track Bikes take priority in all instances.  
  • Helmets are required at ALL times while riding. 
  • The Track is closed during inclement weather and wet conditions. 
  • Riders are not permitted on the track during scheduled programming.