Pro-Am Super Tuesday Night Racing

Pro-Am Super Tuesday Night Racing

Fans don’t have to wait until Friday night to see racing in T-Town! The Super Tuesday Pro-Am Series at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center features a very unique field of future stars, pro, and amateur men as well as women. Fans can see some of the sport’s best up and coming riders as well as Olympians all in the same night!

Race Day Information

  • Admission for fans is FREE
  • The Beer and Wine Stand is open serving craft beer and wine


Parking is available in the lots provided in front of the venue.

By law, alcohol consumption in the parking lots is illegal (Ordinance 711.08).

No open containers of alcoholic beverages are permitted on public property such as parking areas.

Overnight parking is prohibited.

No vehicle may occupy more than one parking space.

Guests may not obstruct other parking spaces, sidewalks or other areas that may impede pedestrian traffic to and/or from Valley Preferred Cycling Center.

Preparing food or beverages of any such kind where such preparation necessitates the use of an object or practice that is considered unsafe, hazardous or unhealthy to guests or participants is prohibited.

Solicitation of any products, materials, merchandise, equipment, food, or beverage is strictly prohibited at all events at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center.

Athlete Information

  • Athlete registration from 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Junior Roll-out at 6:50pm
  • Warm-up concludes at 6:45pm
  • Racing begins no later than 7:00pm, and can be earlier at the race director’s discretion


  • On nights when we combine Junior A and B, juniors can race with Stagiaires or Cat 3/4 women if space permits. All category changes must be requested at and approved by race staff before racing begins.

Madison Practice

  • Madison pairings must wear matching jerseys, even during practice sessions
  • Madison practice is for Madison exchanges only, for individual warm-up
  • If the race director or race staff ask you to exit the track during warm-up, please do so in a safe way. Failure to exit the track when asked can be cause for removal from the Tuesday race program for the night.
  • Madison B, when run, are for beginner and intermediate riders.
  • Madison A is for Advanced and invited intermediate pairings.

Inclement Weather

In the event that inclement weather causes the cancellation of a Super Tuesday Pro-Am, the race will not be re-scheduled. Please sign up for the Athlete Mailing List for immediate notifications.

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