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Welcome to the Talk of
the T-Town Podcast

Talk of the T-Town Podcast


Hosts Joan Hanscom and Andy Lakatosh

Thanks to B Braun Medical Inc. for sponsoring the Talk of the T-Town Podcast. BBraun is a global leader in infusion therapy and pain management, B Braun develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical products to the healthcare community. They are also strong believers in supporting the quality of life in the communities where their employees work and live.


Joan Hanscom:
Hey, track cycling fans! It’s Joan Hanscom, the executive director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, along with my cohost Andy Lakatosh. Together we are excited to bring you the Talk of the T-Town podcast.

The racing season here may be short, just four months, but it’s our goal to keep you connected to the goings on here year round. Together, Andy and I have a combined 30-plus years of cycling experience, covering event production, racing, and coaching across all levels of the sport. In other words, we like bikes, bike racing, track racing, and sharing our love for the track and the people who make our great community. Whether junior, master, or elite, we hope we’ll bring you content that’s relevant to where you are as an athlete or fan.

The Talk of the T-Town podcast aims to bring you content that’s fun, engaging, thought-provoking across all aspects of our sport. We’ll feature guests that run the gamut: athletes, nutritionists, sports psychologists, sports agents, doctors, sponsors, and who knows what else. We’ll take a peek behind the scenes at T-Town, talk about our goals for the programs in the 2021 season, keeping our motivation burning hot, obscure UCI rules, community programs, and training.

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