Brian Drebber - Inducted 2011

Brian raced the inaugural Velodrome event on Oct. 12, 1975. The next spring he headed north from Richmond, Virginia to the land of track cycling in Trexlertown. In his first Velodrome racing season, Brian become the most improve rider of any category and went on to win the PA District Kilometer Championship. Brian also worked at the track in a position he describes as “Caretaker/Handyman.” he nearly single-handedly built the Velodrome’s first concession stand, press box and barn rooms. He also oversaw the infield and bridge construction-contributing to his nickname, “Ripsaw.” As the need for Velodrome announcing grew, Ripsaw’s talent was discovered. While in T-town building and fixing, he would talk profusely of tracking cycling. This lead to him being drafted as the regular Tuesday night, then Friday night Velodrome announcer. Brian was the voice for the Velodrome for 13 years. his career soon expanded to including commentating for all U.S. TV networks and cable sports channels. he announced at the Olympic and Pan-American games as well as the World Championships for 28 different sports. Brian now lives in Ball Ground, Georgia, where he continues with his broadcasting, rides motorcycles, tends to his garden and beehives.