Track Time

The track is open at designated times for training and motor pacing. Refer to the track schedule for availability. All riders must have a signed release form on file with the VPCC office prior to riding. There is no charge to ride for the first time. After that, riders are required to purchase a VeloPass for subsequent training sessions.

Motor pacing

Riders are required to train with a track approved driver – contact info for approved drivers is available on the Coaching page.

Motorcycles must be no larger than 300cc, road legal, and have a current state inspection sticker. Drivers must have a valid motorcycle license, be Named Insured on a current motorcycle insurance policy, sign the VPCC Motor Pacing Waiver, and be approved by the VPCC Director. Drivers must contact the VPCC office for approval.

Training Rules:

  • Riders are not allowed on the Track during motor pacing sessions unless they are eligible and participating in the session. The Track is CLOSED to all other riders. 
  • Motor Pacing takes priority over general training when motor pacing
    is permitted.
  • Road bikes are permitted on the track ONLY on open public sessions.
  • Helmets are required at ALL times while riding. 
  • The track is closed during inclement weather and wet conditions. 
  • Training is not permitted on the track during scheduled programming.