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The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is the premiere velodrome in the United States – offering thrilling professional and amateur track racing as well as robust community programming designed to get more people on bikes in a safe and fun setting. We host the cycling community year round – from weekly group rides to cyclocross races, fondos, fundraising rides and gravel races!

Congrats to @hoovergavin on his overall win at the inaugural @ucitcl for Endurance Men! The Tokyo Olympian was consistent early in the 4-part series but a win in Round 3 and then finishing ahead of Spaniard Sebastian Mora in both events in Round 4 allowed him to secure the overall.

“I thought maybe after winning the elimination race yesterday it was possible [to win the overall], but it was definitely not expected,” Hoover said. “I was just trying to win every individual race, and not worry about the overall. That helped me stay calm, and stay relaxed.”

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Make a donation to The Velodrome Fund this #GivingTuesday to help us with all of our kids programming and community programming! We have programs for kids 5 through 18 and adults of any age. All of those require coaches, staff, and facilities and you can help us keep them going. 

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"I'm sort of at the part of my life now where you want to give back and you want to see something that is really as fabulous an institution as this place is continue to flourish and progress. And I think in the last couple of years, we've really done a fabulous job establishing great direction and forward momentum that we can all be proud of," Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Velodrome Fund, Rick Beuttel

Chances are you've seen this week's guest helping out at the track or sitting with friends on the deck in Turn 4...this week Joan sits down with Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Velodrome Fund and good friend Rick Beuttel. They discuss everything from why the track has a special place in Rick's life, the relationship between the track and Air Products, and how to get more people to come out and enjoy track cycling. 

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"To be honest, my main goal for next year, track. And I did enjoy a lot. It's just make me happy to race track here and to be able to share races and that could community in T-Town is just beautiful," @clevermartinez 

Have you listened to the most recent podcast yet? The guest has arguably the best hair T-Town has ever seen. Join Joan this week as she sits down with Clever Martinez to discuss his racing season for track and crit, his goats (yes, you read that right-- goats!), Clever Athletes, and his new merchandise line.

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