2024 Valley Preferred Cycling Center Season Announcement

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is excited to announce its 2024 race season, featuring an unprecedented 12 nights of professional racing kicking off on May 24. The season will feature the all-new American Classic to begin the season, a slate of new and improved races along the way, and conclude with the traditional Madison Cup on August 16, accompanied by a full schedule of Super Tuesdays and Masters and Rookies race events.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the momentum that we were able to generate at the end of the 2023 season,” Interim Executive Director Bobby Lea said, “We’ve been able to keep many of the traditional elements that the community loves while introducing new events to make racing exciting and accessible for all racers.”

Although UCI racing will not be taking place at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, Lea sees this as a positive, “We are looking forward to making a significant investment in travel support and prize money. That will allow us to bring the best international riders to T-Town for 2024 and support our hometown stars with the level of competition they need to develop into our next Olympic hopefuls.”

Friday Night Under the Lights Changes for 2024
The Valley Preferred Cycling Center will not be hosting UCI racing. Instead, it will use the money typically invested in these races to increase housing and travel subsidies for international riders, increase prize purses, and maintain a consistent and exciting schedule.
The American Classic, an all-new night of racing, kicks off the season on May 24, featuring a sprint tournament and International Omnium-style events to kick off a great summer of racing.
The first annual Becky Quinn Points Race will be contested on May 31 alongside the Mike Walter Madison. The Becky Quinn Points Race will allow pro women to compete in a Points Race in honor of Valley Preferred Cycling Center Hall of Fame member Becky Quinn and her accomplishments in the event.
The Nicole Reinhart Women’s Open expands into a two-day event for 2024. Friday night will host the traditional Chairman’s Cup omnium for our pro women, and racing will continue into Saturday with an International Omnium for our Pro racers held alongside Masters and Rookies.
The Jim Young Junior Cup will occur on June 7, July 12, and August 9 for our racers under 18.

Masters and Rookies Changes for 2024
There will be three installations of the T-Town Time Trials on June 22, July 20, and August 4.
Masters and Rookies racing will consist of U15 Juniors, Category 5 Men and Women, Category 4 Men and Women, Category 3 Men, and Masters A and B fields.

Super Tuesday Changes for 2024
Tuesday fields will be U15 Juniors, Pro-Am Men (category ½ and invited category 3), Stagiaire (category ⅔), and Women (category 1-3, and invited 4s)
Tuesday night racing schedules will closely emulate Friday Night Under the Lights

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