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Dear Riders, 

I’m pleased to introduce our totally new 2024 VeloPass. Not only is this year’s VeloPass less expensive but we’ve completely redesigned the program to provide you with unrestricted access to the track for all training and public sessions, including motor pacing and lighted training. And along with the training benefits, this year’s VeloPass also includes exciting offers, exclusive discounts, and other perks from our partners.  

We want to make riding at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center affordable, and as easy as possible for you and your family. That means there is no app to download or classes to reserve —simply go to, buy your pass and show up to ride. You can purchase season-long passes for adults and juniors or choose from weekly or monthly options. Plus, this year we have discounts for households with more than one rider! 

Each day you use the track, you will scan an easily accessible QR code to access our new online check-in system. The QR codes will be posted at multiple locations throughout the facility. Checking in will take less than a minute and you’re on your way.   

We will not require riders participating in one session to purchase a VeloPass — but we will ask them to sign an electronic waiver. Electronic waivers will be accessed by scanning a QR code that will be posted at multiple locations around the venue. We want everyone to feel welcomed at the VPCC, and we hope offering a free first session will make it easier for more people to ride with us, whether they’re dropping by just to see what it’s all about or doing a practice session before coming out to race.  

 If you would like to purchase a VeloPass but would prefer to spread out the payments, please contact me directly at and we can discuss additional options. 

The VeloPass will be available for purchase on our website ( beginning on April 10. Buy your VeloPass before April 19th and get an early bird 10% discount.  Learn more - click here


Bobby Lea 
Executive Director 
Valley Preferred Cycling Center 

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