Ritte Cycles Becomes The Official Bike of The Valley Preferred Cycling Center

TREXLERTOWN, PA November 21st—  The Valley Preferred Cycling Center (VPCC) is proud to announce Ritte Cycles as its official bike for the 2024 season. Ritte Cycles is a boutique Los Angeles-based brand acclaimed for crafting performance bicycles that epitomize the fusion of artistry and function.

As the Official Bike of the VPCC, Ritte will host a fleet of demo bikes on-site to offer demo rides for potential customers and provide exclusive opportunities for the velodrome’s top talent to experience the style and substance that is unique to Ritte’s steel, titanium, and carbon road and gravel bikes. 

“We make bikes for fun and glory, and that’s a perfect match with the Valley Preferred Cycling Center,” Ritte Brand Manager Elijah Grundel said, “We’re proud to partner with this storied velodrome that has not only produced more Olympians than any other track in the United States but has also been introducing people to the pure joy of cycling for almost 50 years.”

Bobby Lea, Executive Director of the VPCC echoes, Grundel’s enthusiasm, “We’re excited to partner with Ritte and work with a group of people who share our passion for spreading the love of cycling and making it more accessible for everyone.”

The VPCC and Ritte will kick off their partnership this week by offering an exclusive discount to members of the VPCC newsletter to celebrate this new partnership. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

About Valley Preferred Cycling Center (VPCC)

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center, located in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, is a world-renowned velodrome and cycling facility. Constructed in 1975 by Bob Rodale and later donated to Lehigh County, the Valley Preferred Cycling Center has been a hub for cycling enthusiasts, athletes, and spectators worldwide for over four decades. It offers a wide range of competitive events, cycling programs, and opportunities for healthy community engagement. 

About Ritte
Ritte is a builder of bespoke steel, titanium, and carbon road and gravel bikes based in Los Angeles, California. The brand prides itself on not being hindered by the “that’s just the way it’s done” mentality. The team builds the bikes it thinks are missing from the world, not the ones that fit the marketing zeitgeist. Ritte also prides itself on partnering with some of the best in the business, whether it’s collaborations with partners like the Valley Preferred Cycling Center or building bikes with the likes of Russ Denny and Tom Kellogg. From carbon to steel to titanium, from Los Angeles to Belgium to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between, Ritte is here for the ride and to keep you riding.

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