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** Registration for Community Programs is available at **
We have a new registration system 2023. The system functions like a fitness center where you sign up, purchase packages, and then select the classes in which you participate. Our packages allow us to be less rigid than before, for example if you take a family vacation during your child’s month of Youth Cycling, you can use your unused classes from the package during the next month. In addition to packages there are Memberships. Many training programs require the base “VPCC Rider Membership” in order to participate, but Youth programs and “Try” classes do not.
A quick walk-through of the process may help users that are encountering difficulties. First, you can use either a web browser or their app – they both work. After following the link (, you’ll be asked to create an account and then you’ll be asked to fill out 3 waivers that will seem like they are never-ending. Rest assured, they will end, and you will not need to go through that process again. After that, you will click on Buy or Store to buy a package. You’ll see that there are many choices to meet your individual needs. Select the package and pay for the package, then choose the class dates that work best for your schedule. The class calendar is still being populated, but it is completed through June. If you have any difficulties or questions, please reach out to Dave at
If you have more than one member in your household, we can create a family account after the Parent/Guardian signs up for the initial account. Please reach out to Dave at to add family members to your account.
Once you are all set up, we recommend downloading the app if you have not yet done so. It will help with checking you into training sessions. Here are the links:

Android —– Apple

Designed to forge lasting relationships between the broader community and the velodrome, our Air Products Community Programs focus on Youth and Adult programming designed to promote bike safety, fitness and self-confidence as well as creating a pathway for a lifelong enjoyment of cycling and healthy lifestyles.

The Air Products Programs create a lasting community legacy that renews itself from one generation of a rider to the next. We currently have an impressive number of coaches on our team who are themselves graduates of our programs – who each progressed  into racing and who are now in turn contributing to the legacy of Community Programs as coaches ready to lead the next generation of youth athletes or share their enthusiasm with adults learning about the track. These Air Products graduates represent our brand to Corporate Challenge Participants, Women’s Cycling riders, Try The Track participants, Bicycle Racing League parents, and youth down to PeeWee Pedalers and Squirts! Keep reading to find the program that is right for you or your family members.

Anyone interested in becoming a VPCC coach for any of our great community programs, please check out the opportunities and requirements on our coaching page!

Should you find yourself wanting to come and ride the track, we do offer open training hours! Open training is open for anyone who wants to come and ride. Please check out our calendar for open training times. Any time that open training is listed, the track is open to the public. There are some rules to keep in mind for open training: road bikes are not allowed on the track when track bikes are in use, you must wear a helmet, and do not cross the track when bikes are being ridden– please use the bridge. If you are traveling a longer distance, we do have locker rooms open to the public so you can change and shower.

Spring is here and that means that Community Programs registration is now open!

The registration platform is live for both training registration as well as all of our youth and adult programming!

For more information, please head on over to our website here:

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