Women’s Wednesdays

Women All Levels

Led by Multi-time World and Pan-Am Champion AND Air Products Program graduate, Kim Geist heads up our Women’s Wednesdays programming, bringing her invaluable racing experience and deep coaching chops to the track each week. 

Schedules and Registration information will be posted when available.

Basic Class

The Women’s Wednesdays Basic Class (April 15-May 27th) is designed to introduce and build confidence among individuals who are new to track cycling, within a welcoming, fun, and social environment.  Participants will learn how to safely operate a track bicycle on the velodrome as well as gain basic skills essential to enjoying track cycling.  The program will touch upon basic racing concepts, to serve as a stepping-stone to the Women’s Wednesdays Advanced Class.

Topics covered could include:  track bike anatomy & function, velodrome anatomy, paceline riding, warm-up structure, flying & standing starts, proper passing, close proximity riding, riding and racing together as a team, basic races

This program is appropriate for those who are: new to cycling, track cycling and/or fixed gear cycling, in need of a more in-depth introductory course or a refresher course, needing to build cycling confidence and/or want to take part in a social form of cycling, entering track cycling from competing in another cycling discipline

Advanced Class

The Women’s Wednesdays Advanced Class (June 3 – July 15th)  is designed to further track cycling skills and expose participants to typical track cycling races in order to develop a more in-depth understanding of track cycling.  Participants will take part in useful drills and learn about training techniques and other supplemental cycling knowledge, along with taking part in practice races in a fun and supportive environment.  The program will provide the necessary exposure to serve as a stepping-stone to the Women’s Wednesdays Race Class/Masters & Rookies races as well as support advancing knowledge of those already racing.

Topics covered could include:  proper warm-up application, gear changing and selection, advanced passing, motorpacing, general training concepts, nutrition for activity, injury prevention/management, basic sport psychology, match sprint and team sprint, individual and team pursuit, scratch and points races, miss-and-out/elimination and win-and-out, keirin, madison

This program is appropriate for those who would like to:  advance their track cycling skills and tactics, learn about track racing, build confidence towards entering a race, deepen already-existing knowledge of track racing.

Race Class

The Women’s Wednesdays Race Class is designed to provide guidance and knowledge in the process of competing in a track cycling race.  Participants who have not yet raced will be encouraged to watch a Masters & Rookies race and follow along with the process of those already racing, to then choose to take part when ready.  Those who are racing will have the opportunity to receive structured assistance throughout the race day, in the setting of learning together with a fun group of supportive peers. The program serves as a stepping-stone to confident track racing and private coaching opportunities for further advancement in the sport.

Topics covered could include:  what is needed to race, how to handle registration, how to complete an appropriate warm-up, understanding races and the race schedule, selecting gears, determining a pre-race plan, doing a post-race review to evaluate tactics

This program is appropriate for those who would like to:  enter a race for the very first time, learn and/or receive feedback on race tactics, improve their race process.

Note: This program will take on Saturdays to coincide with the Ocean Spray Masters and Rookies race series.