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This week's podcast guest Tom Mains is a man of many hats. He sits down with Joan this week and discusses everything from timing to cycling to Tom's crazy schedule. 

"So I leave Friday for Baltimore, we do a setup. We're doing our stage, and truss, and sound and a bunch of other stuff that we provide in addition to timing, at @charmcitycx. So we'll do that, we'll break it down, come home Sunday night. Wednesday, I leave for Monterey, California for @seaotterclassic where we're timing the road cycling events. I'm actually taking a red-eye home from Sea Otter on Saturday night, so I can be home Sunday so I can drive a truckload of fence up to the Boston Marathon, so we can do Boston Marathon fencing on Monday. Drive back Monday night from the @bostonmarathon . Then I leave Tuesday with my trailer to drive to Iowa for @jinglecross . I'll be in Iowa until Sunday. When I'm done there, I drive to Cincinnati and park my trailer and then fly home. I'm home for a couple days, fly back to Cincinnati to do the Kings Cross on the third weekend of October. Drive my trail to Indianapolis that night when that's over park it fly home, and then fly back to Indy on Halloween weekend to work that, and then drive home. That's my October."

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@genewaytang and @evanboone are fierce competitors on track but between races, it's all respect. ⁠
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This week’s pod guest Bill Elliston (@elliston_coaching) spent some time with us co-announcing racing this summer as well as announcing some local road and cross races! 

He was with us all week for Master’s Track Nationals and gave us some insights into the athletes racing:

“For me it was seeing a lot of athletes that I grew up racing with, either racing alongside with or folks that were literally mentors to me when I started back in 1983 and '84. Guys like Joe Sailing, Patrick Gelineau, James Joseph, Chip Berezny, all these guys that were really good bike racers then and very serious about it. And 35 plus years later, they're still going at it, they're still serious and they're still invested. And to be that invested, just for so many years, just certainly at the core of that it speaks to the passion they still have for racing bikes. And that's kind of the part that I really love, people that just really enjoy it because there's no way to stay as focused and as dedicated as that if you don't have the passion for it. So to me, that's really cool seeing so many people, so many people in the infield just with an undying passion taking it as serious as they need to get the results they want.”

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