"Probably, saying UCI Track League. I really enjoyed that last year.To see that the sport developing in that way, going more to the performance side of things. Yeah, probably something like that. Just any short, hard and fast, that gets crowd involved, or a six-day, that style, party event."

Our most recent podcast guest @kaio_fart on his favorite cycling race to watch. We hope you've been keeping up with @ucitcl as there's loads of T-Town regulars doing great things! For more information about the UCI Track Champions League, head on over to this link: https://ucitrackchampionsleague.com/

Check out what else Kaio has to say about his time in T-Town this summer on your favorite podcasting platform!

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Can you place the accent of this week's podcast guest? He's been a crowd favorite all summer, and we were certainly sad to see him leave. Andrew is joined this week by Kaio Lart (@kaio_fart) , a cyclist from New Zealand. Kaio ventured out to T-Town this summer with a group of mates to get a solid block of training and racing done, as well as pick up some valued UCI points. Listen to learn how Kaio got his start in cycling, what it's been like racing here in T-Town, and much more. 

📸 @shortcycles 

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Another week brings another new episode of the #talkofthettown! 

If you joined us for racing over the summer, chances are you saw some dark green kit go by in a blur. One of those belongs to this week's guest, British Sprinter @joetruman1 . Joe and his teammates joined us for a two week block this summer. **As a disclaimer, this episode was recorded in June 2022-- Joe went on to compete at the Commonwealth Games where he went down in a crash in the Keirin Semis. He is on the mend, and we wish him continued recovery.** Andrew and Joe discuss how Joe came into cycling, what it's like being coached by a former teammate, racing Japanese Keirin compared to Keirin, and much more. 

Be sure to head on over to your favorite streaming platform and give this episode a listen!

📸 @shortcycles 

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Our friends over at @pamtbrace are doing something cool and we want to share it with you!

Last month, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League (PICL) kicked off the Trek Giveaway Campaign. For those of you who are new to this fundraising effort, PICL is partnering with Trek and the National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) to not only raise funds for league programming and events, but for PICL teams as well. 50% of the money raised goes directly back to teams participating in the campaign. Additionally, by helping PICL reach the fundraising goal of $25,000, (we're currently at $21,000), you could win one of the following prizes:⁠
1. 2022 Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX (Valued at over $7,000)⁠
2. Bontrager Blaze WavCel MB Helmet (Valued at $300)⁠
3. Bontrager Ion 200 RT/Flare RT Light (Valued at $129)⁠
How Participants Can Enter?⁠
1. Scan QR Code on poster or go: ⁠

2. Pick a team to support⁠

3. Purchase entries (10 Entries for $10. 30 Entries for $25. 75 Entries for $50. 200 Entries for $100). Participating teams will keep half the money they raise and will have full discretion on how to spend it on their team. The other 50% will stay with the Pennsylvania league to increase the events and programming we host each year. The league will also set aside a portion of these funds to help families who need financial assistance to participate.⁠
Please help us continue to get the word out about the Trek Giveaway Campaign -- let's raise some money for PICL teams and get #morekidsonbikes!

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